Sadie DeBaun

Staci (left) with Sadie (right), photo credit: Finn DeBaun

Sadie and Staci have been skiing together since December of 2015. Sadie is a 19 year old ski racer from Park city Utah. She started skiing at the age of eighteen months and began racing when she was eight. Injury caused her career as an individual to end when she was fifteen, but she was still very dedicated to the sport and wanted to stay involved. Danelle Umstead, a visually impaired US Paralympic Alpine ski racer happened to be Sadie’s next door neighbor and convinced Sadie to try guiding. She really enjoys being able to travel the world, and the opportunity she has to continue doing what she loves. Outside of skiing, Sadie loves being surrounded by nature; whether it’s biking, hiking, or camping. In her free time, she enjoys painting and making music.


Staci and Smidge, photo credit: Mark Leslie

Smidge is a Labrador golden retriever mix that Staci was matched with from the guide dog foundation for the blind in April of 2014. She has a small “smidge” of black on her right hip so that is how she got her name. When Smidge is working she does a great job of navigating Staci around any obstacles they may encounter. She can also find things such as doors, stairs, elevators, cross walks, and many other standard obstacles we often encounter during travel. Smidge does not enjoy skiing so she tends to hang out in the lodge while Sadie and Staci are out on the slopes. In her free time, Smidge loves rolling on carpets, playing with her blanket, and eating anything and everything she can get her paws on.

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