The Sochi Experience

While spectators at home could follow the competition, no network could fully capture the energy of eighty thousand people in the stadium at opening ceremonies, or the excitement of seeing your country’s flag raised in a medal ceremony. Taking part in the games was an unreal experience for Staci and Kim. As athletes they stayed in the olympic village, walked in opening ceremonies, traded pins with other nations, and absorbed the competitive atmosphere that comes with being part of such a big event. The atmosphere is probably what separated the games from any other stop Staci and Kim took part in on the world cup tour. At most other disabled ski races there are no cheering fans in the stands, at the Paralympics there were thirty thousand! The environment was inspiring, passionate, and also a little intimidating. Athletes were definitely a little overwhelmed at the start, but Staci and Kim managed to put in four solid runs that they were proud of. Even though the podium was not a part of their Paralympic experience this time, Staci foresees (pun completely intended) a medal as a very attainable goal for the future. The duo left the games with two respectable sixth place finishes, and lots of once in a lifetime memories of the unique experiences only the Paralympic Games have to offer.



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